Service activities

Quality control

Laboratory for radioisotopes, INN “Vinča” has experience, qualification and facilities to provide the high level of service in the field of quality control:

  • radiopharmaceuticals
  • radioimmunoassay and immunoradiometric assay
  • sealed radioactive sources and temporary containers for storage and transport of radioactive materials.

Services of labeling pharmaceuticals with various radionuclides

Installation and deinstallation of sealed radioactive sources in devices

The Laboratory for radioisotopes is able to replace used sealed radioactive sources in all devices in which they are used in:

  • cobalt therapy – replacement in medical institutions,
  • gamma defectoscopy – replacement in the Laboratory for radioisotopes,
  • industry – contracted,
  • all other devices that use sealed radioactive sources.

Construction and manufacturing of containers for transportation, use and storage of radioactive materials

At the request of the user, the Laboratory for radioisotopes carries out construction, and according to possibilities, production of prototypes and serial of devices for the safe use of radioactive materials, namely:

  • containers for transfer and storage of radioactive materials,
  • storage facilities for radioactive materials,
  • devices for using sealed radioactive sources in various fields of application.

Servicing and repair of devices with installed sealed radioactive sources

At the request of the user, the Laboratory for radioisotopes carries out servicing and repair of all devices with sealed radioactive sources, i.e. in cases of failure or damage to the devices as a result of which its usual and safe use is called into question. Depending on the nature of the damage and the wishes of the user, the intervention can be carried out in the premises user or in the Laboratory for radioisotopes.